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The fact that the three of them are good friends makes this scene even better They probably had a good laugh about it backstage while practicing their amazing facial expressions Particularly this face. This one is my favourite; I have no idea why. Y thinks he's getting grossed out bc he'll be kissing Christine therefore indirectly kissing the Phantom Hmm I wonder what will happen if I snatch the mask off this moody and manipulative pianist while he's in his comfort zone?

Kylie Minogue by Ellen Von Unwerth for GQ Germany, April 2014

"Perhaps if you had a map of your exact path of recovery and healing, detailing every bump, every fall, every up and down along the way, the word ‘relapse’ would be redundant. Maybe we wouldn’t feel that to struggle was go to backwards. It would be clear that no failure is permanent, it’s merely a lesson to be learned to ensure we ultimately succeed. We might understand that every step takes us forwards to where and who we are meant to be. This map, somewhere in the hands of the universe, does exist. We just can’t see it, and we don’t need to. We only need to believe, and this too is vital to recovery - it’s a valuable lesson in the importance of faith."

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The music at Mass


Half of the congregation:


The other half of the congregation:


And the choir is just like: